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Escape Rooms for Families in STL

Are you looking for a family-friendly escape room in St. Louis?


Our rooms are designed to encourage family bonding while challenging each member to contribute to solving in an age-appropriate way.

Each member of the family will have different strengths and weaknesses to bring to the table. It's really fun to see what each person is capable of achieving!

We believe that our rooms are best enjoyed by anyone aged 12 and over but any age is welcome at the discretion of the parent or guardian.

*Anyone under the age of 16, must be accompanied by an adult.

Escape room for families.png

Why Choose Us?

  • Age-appropriate rooms & themes

  • Challenging for a wide range of audience ages (children, teens, adults, and grandparents alike!)

  • Private rooms - we will never put you in a room with strangers

  • Discounts for larger group sizes

  • Rooms designed to encourage teamwork and bonding  

  • Family-friendly staff

  • We rank 1st in the St. Louis area for "Best Escape Room for Kids" and "Best Escape Room for Families" on Yelp.

Choose One of our Family Friendly Rooms

Each of the four rooms shown below are suitable for families with members over the age of 12.

*Under 12's are allowed to play at the discretion of their parent/guardian.

WQ SQUARE BG WebsiteUpdate Carnival.jpg

Wizard Quest

  • Our most kid-friendly room
  • A great option for large groups
  • Max of 10 people
COC square BG WebsiteUpdate Carnival copy.jpg

Carnival Of The Cosmos

  • Our most challenging room, but a fun theme with lots of carnival games.
  • Max of 10 people
Vanished SquareV3.png

Vanished *New Room*

  • Ideal for experienced escape room players
  • A favorite for smaller parties
  • Max of 8 people
__MADM SQUARE BG WebsiteUpdate Carnival.png

Murder At Denbrough Mansion

  • If you and your family enjoy playing Clue, then this is the one for you!
  • Max of 8 people

Reviews From Other Families

"My family loves escape rooms so we’ve been to quite a few.  We’ve done two of the rooms at Escape St Louis and they are our favorites.  The puzzles are challenging and fun to complete.  They use cool tricks to hide the clues. Highly recommend."
"This was such a blast!! Came here with my family, we had such a great time. We did not do as great as we thought we would but we were great sports haha. The lady working was so nice, she was part of the experience. A few of us had never been to an escape room and we are all now planning our next, thank you! 💕"
"Had such a blast here.  Recommend it for any family or friends"

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Escape Rooms Suitable For Birthday Parties?

Yes, we host a lot of birthday parties.

A key aspect of a great birthday party is finding an activity to bring everyone together before heading off for pizza and cake. 

Escape From St Louis is the perfect party activity. Escape rooms are highly interactive and engaging, they require teamwork while also providing a fun and challenging experience for children. 


We can also recommend nearby restaurants where your group can head after their adventure. 

Are Your Escape Rooms Suitable For Scout Groups?

Yes, we regularly have girl & boy scout groups coming through for team building and learning to work together to escape the room.

Family Pricing

Group Size     Price Per Person

                      2                $35 per person 

                      3                $34 per person 

                      4                $33 per person 

                      5                $32 per person 

                      6                $30 per person 

                      7                $28 per person 

                    8-10            $26 per person

Our Safety Measures

We take a lot of pride in offering entertaining escape rooms for all age groups that are designed to be as safe as possible.


Here are all of the measures we take to ensure a safe & enjoyable experience for you and your family. 

  • Measure #1: You are not actually locked in the rooms, the doors in front of you will be locked but you can always exit the rooms through the door you entered through.

  • Measure #2: As we mentioned previously, you will never be placed in a room with another group. So you don't have to worry about your family interacting with strangers.

  • Measure #3: We have implemented a comprehensive cleaning and sanitization process to ensure that our escape rooms are clean and safe for everyone who visits us. We use disinfectants to clean and sanitize every high-touch surface and object in our escape rooms after each use.

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