We've borrowed a few room escape stories from Dani Siller at Escape This Podcast (with her permission of course). 

Hire one of our gamemasters to run a room through Zoom (a virtual meeting platform) from the comfort of your home!

This plays kind of like a cross between Dungeons and Dragons and Escape Rooms.  Our gamemasters will set the scene for you and your team will ask questions, explore, and solve puzzles to find a way to escape!


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Best Fraudster in a Supporting Role.jpg

Now You See Me

A group of amateur magicians sneak backstage to meet the famous Tony Stein.  Instead, they find themselves trapped in a door-less, room filled with tricks, traps and torment.

Best Fraudster in a Supporting Role

Movie awards are serious business, so when you discover that the true winners' envelopes have been switched out it's up to you to set things right!

Saving Razorface

Locked in a dimly lit speakeasy by the notorious Jimmy Ragulato, there isn't time to lose before he comes back to "take care of things."  Good luck with that! You don't want to be sleeping with the fishes!

How much does this cost?

  • $75 dollars for 1 game

How many players do you recommend?

  •  4-6 players

What age do you recommend?​

  • 12 years and older


  • Smartphone or computer with internet access

How long does this last?

  • 1 hour of gameplay (plus 10 minutes for setup/debrief)

Questions? Call 314-202-8880 or email at