We've borrowed a few room escape stories from our friends at Escape This Podcast (with their permission of course). 

Hire one of our gamemasters to run a room through Zoom (a virtual meeting platform) from the comfort of your home!

This plays kind of like a cross between Dungeons and Dragons and Escape Rooms.  Our gamemasters will set the scene for you and your team will ask questions, explore, and solve puzzles to find a way to escape!

Current themes (written by Escape This Podcast's Dani Siller) include:

  • Now You See Me

  • Best Fraudster in a Supporting Role

  • Saving Razorface

How much does this cost?

  • $75 dollars for 1 game

How many players do you recommend?

  •  4-6 players

What age do you recommend?​

  • 12 years and older


  • Smartphone or computer with internet access

How long does this last?

  • 1 hour of gameplay (plus 10 minutes for setup/debrief)

Questions? Call 314-202-8880 or email at

Escape From St. Louis

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